Landscape Service
You've worked hard to build the home of your dreams, now it's time to relax and enjoy it!
Let Traverse Outdoor's team of lawn and garden experts take care of the day-to-day maintenance. You'll protect your investment while you and your guests enjoy the results. When time is your most valuable asset, call Traverse Outdoor.
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Irrigation Installation
Proper Watering Is The Key To A Beautiful Garden And Lawn.
Let Traverse Outdoor's irrigation team design a comprehensive sprinkler system for your home. A system that employs wireless moisture sensors to insure that just the right amount of water is used.
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Commercial Services
Reliability and value made beautiful!
Since 1977 Traverse Outdoor has been a strategic partner in providing quality landscaping and irrigation for hospitals, large multi-family developments, schools and industrial sites.
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"Just wanted to say thanks for the incredible job your crew did. A very professional team! I appreciate the extra time Justin took to go through the system with me. We love our new sprinkler system. Should have done it years ago."