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Products provided by Hunter Industries, a global leader in irrigation and landscape lighting.

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    Irrigation Design & Installation

    Our guarantee is simple: All lawns, trees, shrubs, and ground cover will be irrigated completely, efficiently and automatically.

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    Irrigation Service

    We service all brands and all systems–no matter who installed them.

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    sunny rain

    Even on the sunniest days, we keep you growing.  

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    serious work

    Many of our crew members have several years of experience with Traverse Outdoor.  From big commercial projects, to your own lawn, no job is too big or too small.  


The Pro-C irrigation controller has been the number one contractor’s choice for residential irrigation control. This controller is proven to be the most reliable controller in the industry.



The I-Core controller is recommended for commercial and high-end residential use. The I-Core has many state of the art features and is recommended for most high-end irrigation projects. 



The Solar-Sync is a weather based sensor that adjusts irrigation schedules based on daily weather conditions. Monitored and controlled irrigation run times allow the Solar-Sync  to conserve water. No matter what the forecast, your landscape will have the most adequate amount of irrigation.


PGP Ultra

The PGP Ultra design is based off of the industry's most reliable sprinkler rotor, the PGP rotor. The PGP Ultra offers enhanced features offering ultimate precision and water is not wasted on areas like sidewalks, driveways etc.  


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